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Intelligence 2 File information 3 Yara 3 Comments

SHA256 hash: d2e60c3bec22bb8dc8e990920648725abd8ffdc1925dee26ed8c8187dd7504c1
SHA3-384 hash: 93b467f5020fef222aab6f0201f8ee1507196d13d9eb0a78a7dc4142c941a682b9b7f7e284dacdecaf399a22e541c3a6
SHA1 hash: 125cab05a33197836b43307160177917027d9f96
MD5 hash: 38bcdd78a3aa9a815e7c5b09ffcafa1a
humanhash: xray-finch-arkansas-artist
File name:PO8397234.exe
Download: download sample
Signature Formbook
File size:300'032 bytes
First seen:2020-06-30 13:46:22 UTC
Last seen:Never
File type:Executable exe
MIME type:application/x-dosexec
imphash f34d5f2d4577ed6d9ceec516c1f5a744
ssdeep 6144:EKRRhT7rYb8U8Rohqw8rJZ2IHO/I/FTC9zYr7b5:EKRRhT7B+85u/I/FTCWr7b5
TLSH 8A54F039326B8B35D5FD87B8212054248FBABD9B6561E25CFE4871CD28B37459320F53
Reporter @abuse_ch
Tags:exe FormBook

Malspam distributing Formbook:

Sending IP:
From: 巩腊梅 <>
Subject: Re:new order
Attachment: (contains "PO8397234.exe")


Mail intelligence
Trap location Impact
Global Low
# of uploads 1
# of downloads 42
Origin country FR FR
CAPE Sandbox Detection:n/a
CERT.PL MWDB Detection:formbook
ReversingLabs :Status:Malicious
Threat name:ByteCode-MSIL.Trojan.Kryptik
First seen:2020-06-30 13:48:05 UTC
AV detection:24 of 31 (77.42%)
Threat level:   5/5
Spamhaus Hash Blocklist :Malicious file
Hatching Triage Score:   10/10
Malware Family:formbook
Tags:persistence trojan spyware stealer family:formbook
VirusTotal:Virustotal results 15.07%

Yara Signatures

Rule name:Formbook
Author:JPCERT/CC Incident Response Group
Description:detect Formbook in memory
Reference:internal research
Rule name:win_formbook_auto
Author:Felix Bilstein - yara-signator at cocacoding dot com
Description:autogenerated rule brought to you by yara-signator
Rule name:win_formbook_g0
Author:Slavo Greminger, SWITCH-CERT

File information

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Executable exe d2e60c3bec22bb8dc8e990920648725abd8ffdc1925dee26ed8c8187dd7504c1

(this sample)

Dropped by
MD5 216bb48ea5964950ade7f5375140d459
Delivery method
Distributed via e-mail attachment