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This page shows some basic information the YARA rule infostealer_xor_patterns including corresponding malware samples.

Database Entry

YARA Rule:infostealer_xor_patterns
Description:The XOR and string patterns shown here appear to be unique to certain information-stealing malware families, namely LokiBot and Pony/Fareit. The XOR patterns were observed in a several loaders and payloads for LokiBot, but have also appeared (less frequently) in Pony/Fareit loaders and samples. The two accompanying rules below can be used to further classify the final payloads.
Firstseen:2020-10-20 07:24:21 UTC
Lastseen:2022-06-25 07:22:44 UTC

Malware Samples

The table below shows all malware samples that matching this particular YARA rule (max 1000).

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