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Intelligence File information Yara Comments

SHA256 hash: 4508cbb75ae014ea3eb0f399340f4a03738889e4515a0e012f06d270f832f27a
SHA3-384 hash: bffa7589b41576e5c9b6fe6125bce128e827699c3ed49ae777f898248fb7378c0bbb313a3cace0cbdb9962ac88c8d961
SHA1 hash: 18ff5dd40edea78b88f2ee48a6feb1be73b7222b
MD5 hash: 06eb1ef4535c6396998c9a99fe18f376
humanhash: lake-music-montana-sixteen
File name:FattDiffEmessa2020
Download: download sample
Signature n/a
File size:64'009 bytes
First seen:2020-06-30 11:35:49 UTC
Last seen:Never
File type: zip
MIME type:application/zip
ssdeep 1536:fmGi8t/UghePMtocotZZTlf3HDtsPGbKfsOICSZrnBFzT5uBkFRB0WU:fmst/JhePMiHh+8KvWBFhuBkFRB0H
TLSH A6530208D72D00ADD250F82DE996707F156C2930F26DF88CE767BF1A918FD05A912E5E


Mail intelligence No data
# of uploads 1
# of downloads 24
Origin country IT IT
CERT.PL MWDB Detection:n/a
ReversingLabs :Status:Malicious
Threat name:Script-VBS.Trojan.Frs
First seen:2020-06-29 20:49:21 UTC
AV detection:11 of 48 (22.92%)
Threat level:   2/5
VirusTotal:Virustotal results 8.33%

File information

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