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  • md5:1b109efade90ace7d953507adb1f1563 ( run)
  • sha256:11b16ba733f2f4f10ac58021eecaf5668551a73e2a1acfae99745c50bfccbb44 ( run)
  • signature:CobaltStrike ( run)
  • tag:TA505 ( run)
  • file_type:rtf ( run)
  • user:malware_traffic ( run)
  • ( run)
  • yara:win_asyncrat_j1 ( run)
  • serial_number:51CD5393514F7ACE2B407C3DBFB09D8D ( run)
  • issuer_cn:Sectigo RSA Code Signing CA ( run)
  • imphash:756fdea446bc618b4804509775306c0d ( run)
  • tlsh:8DD484F440EF10A2F25F852936ADBE9401B2B1C7DBDA5E08137DE5311BBDA633A0564D ( run)
  • telfhash:52d0a7c198b4972c99e60578ed5c5bb29106216620070b20cf10a5d4d83b440f40db59 ( run)
  • dhash_icon:f8dcbeffbffecee8 ( run)

Date (UTC)SHA256 hashTypeSignatureTagsReporterDL
2022-01-15 08:2699a6b979823a1de5127de403a90d9b485e713dd74db15f0aa6ab3dda1006312bExecutable exe exe @abuse_ch
2022-01-15 08:260c370f804fb91c1eef5fbe4e1070d90a5ab9c8e1024a202df3b2e25d3b8b6369Executable exeOnlyLoggerexe OnlyLogger @abuse_ch
2022-01-14 11:56a771e073fa4ba6ef336ab59ae52114c034d5725a7731dfb1593a764688f7dc16Executable exeRedLineStealerexe RedLineStealer @abuse_ch
2022-01-14 11:21164149035d4a3d2edba76c0601f6f83e04d45d7c057d221130c57fc9b13fd5b5Executable exeRedLineStealerexe RedLineStealer @abuse_ch
2022-01-14 11:1693fddb1a745fec7ae8bc3a7f8d66ce73b1841998e9b0589790e924ff6efb6a05Executable exeRedLineStealerexe RedLineStealer @abuse_ch