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Intelligence 2 File information 4 Yara Comments

SHA256 hash: 13f8a260b92d3a564f44c81c1b88f3a4a49f6cf063a7c2c3e9421bc529b609b4
SHA3-384 hash: fd01bb92df3357581863d2988f6a5d5e5dda46c44b4191302918b0021935320d3d56b76d225d6d4ac2d77953c841aebb
SHA1 hash: a55c91643f06e3eba050f56d113488847d3449bb
MD5 hash: 1dd7c7b060c95422aacc6c07617ca777
humanhash: speaker-bulldog-illinois-grey
File name:Receipt.rar
Download: download sample
Signature AgentTesla
File size:4'851'664 bytes
First seen:2020-06-30 05:53:51 UTC
Last seen:Never
File type: rar
MIME type:application/x-rar
ssdeep 98304:ToeHMyvqa5oUoQqj3Sh+iPEjuf8Dx/RXrWTGoG2qHx:9staqUPqj1qiJlWVqHx
TLSH 3926338FED79025AF1B6EDA5A045DC16531B9602CDEC2241CDE50B8E34BFC266CFB825
Reporter @abuse_ch
Tags:AgentTesla rar

Malspam distributing AgentTesla:

Sending IP:
From: Harrison Contractors<>
Subject: Re: R: R: Order Confirmation Nr. 2748 of 20102/2020
Attachment: Receipt.rar (contains "Receipt.exe")

AgentTesla SMTP exfil server:

AgentTesla SMTP exfil email address:


Mail intelligence
Trap location Impact
Global Low
# of uploads 1
# of downloads 31
Origin country FR FR
ClamAV No detection
CERT.PL MWDB Detection:n/a
ReversingLabs :Status:Malicious
Threat name:ByteCode-MSIL.Trojan.Injector
First seen:2020-06-30 05:55:04 UTC
AV detection:13 of 30 (43.33%)
Threat level:   5/5
Spamhaus Hash Blocklist :Malicious file
VirusTotal:Virustotal results 6.56%

File information

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rar 13f8a260b92d3a564f44c81c1b88f3a4a49f6cf063a7c2c3e9421bc529b609b4

(this sample)

Delivery method
Distributed via e-mail attachment